Data Services

Big Data Analytics

What we can offer?

Our capabilities in Data services addresses the most important challenges faced by enterprises today.

  • Analyze, Optimize the Performance bottlenecks around the data layer in a given stack
  • Backup, Disaster Recovery and Long-term Data Retention
  • Test Data Management for application development or DevOps
  • Analytics, BI and Data Warehousing
  • Migrate data across different types of infrastructure resources
  • Wrap the data into the Security compliance with appropriate tool sets

Our solution for all the above use cases can scale across on-premises, public, private or hybrid cloud.

Why Pirai?

As a team, we are capable of giving the below advantages which we believe are key factors for a successful Big Data processing.

  • We leverage the right toolsets for a given environment so that the Data processing can be efficient
  • We have experience in handling Data processing across different platforms (on-premise or Cloud)
  • Our Automated framework for the data processing Infrastructure will result in outage free, consistent environment for data processing.
  • We are capable of Integrating scattered legacy IT infrastructure which are in silos today into a single robust platform.

Making sense amidst
Mad Rush

What we can offer?

In this digital age, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every single day. We are talking about a huge potential value waiting to be realized. Our Big Data Practise enables clients to acquire insights into the data and capitalize the meaningful information derived. Our team is capable of building solutions that make Big Data analytics to be efficient and effective.

We have rolled out Big Data infrastructure and help a client develop innovative derivatives. Our focus is to offer a robust platform which is automated which equips customer to achieve efficient processing capabilities. Our goal is to deliver a solid, efficient platform with very minimal manual intervention and self-healing capabilities.