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Leverage IT-Business alignment with Pirai Infotech to help your team achieve shared business goals, such as faster time-to-market for new services and digital products with ease.

Experience the power of seamless and continuous code delivery with Pirai Infotech's DevOps services. Partner with a future-ready team that handles end-to-end development and deployment strategies across the cloud in one place – all with the goal to help you maximize productivity and reduce costs.

Our goal is to digitize every repetitive day-to-day task in your business that would normally be done by a human being so you can experience true automation across the board.

Our DevOps Services Help You

Improve collaboration and communication within teams
Make it easier for your business to scale
Deliver better customer experience

Our DevOps Services

Assessment & Strategy Planning

We conduct a thorough assessment of our clients' existing culture, organizational structure, and technical capabilities. Based on the evaluation, we develop a comprehensive plan to foster a customer-centric culture, enhance efficiency, and optimize practices.

Continuous Integration & Deployment

Our CI/CD solutions enable smooth integration and deployment of code, ensuring faster and more efficient software development cycles. By automating the build, test, and deployment processes, we help our clients to deliver high-quality applications on the fly with more reliability.

Infrastructure Management

Our team is adept at managing complex IT infrastructures and custom requirements. We empower clients to streamline and automate their infrastructure management processes with comprehensive solutions like provisioning, configuring, monitoring, and enabling security.

Configuration Management

We offer robust solutions that enable clients to effectively manage and control their IT infrastructure configurations. Our experienced team implements industry-leading practices and tools to ensure consistency, traceability, and efficiency in configuration life-cycle. With our configuration management services, clients can enhance system stability, reduce errors, and accelerate deployment processes.

DevOps Consulting Services

At Pirai Infotech, we are dedicated to comprehending the particular needs of our clients and helping them apply DevOps best practises across their whole business. We offer strategy and roadmap formulation, implementation planning, process improvement, tool selection and integration, best practise adoption, and performance and scalability assistance as part of our comprehensive DevOps consulting services. Our knowledgeable team is dedicated to providing clients with DevOps training and assistance to improve their business processes and facilitate successful transitions.

DevOps Automation

To assist our clients in streamlining their development and operations processes, we specialise in offering DevOps automation services. With the help of our cutting-edge DevOps automation solutions, we give businesses the ability to shorten delivery times, cut costs, and improve overall quality. Our DevOps automation services encompass automating the build, test, and deployment procedures to improve collaboration and communication, ensure excellent quality across the board, increase agility and delivery speed, and minimise costs.

Monitoring & Backup

Pirai Infotech provides proactive monitoring and comprehensive backup solutions to ensure the stability, performance, and security of our clients’ critical systems and data.

With advanced monitoring tools and techniques, we continuously monitor their infrastructure, applications, and network to detect and resolve any issues before they impact their business operations. Our robust backup solutions also safeguard their valuable data and offer reliable recovery options in the event of data loss or system failures.

Maintenance and Support

We place a high priority on our client's data protection and system uptime. For their unique needs, our committed team provides both onsite and remote support.

Whether it's troubleshooting issues, enhancing performance, or guaranteeing data security, our professionals are available to help as soon as possible. We also provide adaptable support plans made to fit their financial situation and business requirements.

Catalyze Your Business Growth With Our DevOps Services


Expert DevOps Professionals

Our team consists of experienced and certified DevOps professionals who have a proven track record of delivering quality services to clients.


Comprehensive Range of Services

We offer a comprehensive range of DevOps services that can transform business and take it to the next level.


Customized Solutions

We work closely with clients to understand their requirements and provide customized solutions.


Support and Maintenance

We also offer a wide range of support and maintenance services to ensure your system runs smoothly and efficiently.


Timely Deliverables

By utilizing CI/CD pipelines, we ensure that client deliverables are consistently met on time and with better quality.


Continuous Monitoring

We continuously monitor our clients’ infrastructure to ensure it is always ready for deployment, providing an uninterrupted experience for them.


Infrastructure Automation

We focus on automating everything from application deployment to infrastructure management using infra-as-code principles.


Cross-Functional Collaboration

Our team members take ownership beyond their traditional roles, thus enhancing collaboration, saving time, and improving efficiency.


Microservices Expertise

With our extensive experience in microservices, we can adopt innovative approaches to effectively manage applications.

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Voices of Volumes — What Our Clients Say


Durai Devadoss

ContractIO Inc, USA

You guys have been awesome to work with! Your professionalism and expertise have been top-notch. We can‘t thank you enough for going above and beyond to set up our infrastructure just the way we wanted it.

We‘ve thrown a lot of changes your way, but you‘ve been super flexible and adapted everything to match our vision. It‘s been impressive to see how quickly you‘ve implemented adjustments and made sure everything was on point. You‘ve been absolute rockstars, and we truly appreciate your professionalism, responsiveness, technical expertise, and all the valuable resources you‘ve provided. Thank you for everything you‘ve done.

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